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Why would you ever want to blog?

Infact, what is a blog? A Blog is short for WebBlog, an online chronological list of thoughts. A diary as it were, online. But why would you want to put your worldly thoughts online, on a website, for all to see?

For a start, a blog is a great way to promote you, or your business. By putting it on your website, you'll also give Google fresh content every-so-often so Mr Google is happy that your site isn't stagnent and is being looked after.

You can also write a blog that establishes yourself as an expert in your field. For example, maybe some people would say that Lampshade Marketing were experts in Website Design in Gloucestershire. But did you realist that as well as website design, we also know about Blogs? Well you do now!

Some people will write blogs to help others. We've all used Google when we've had problems. Be it a skin rash, how to cook Gerkins or who is a good website designer. A blog contains peoples thoughts, and sometimes recommendations.

Not the last reason (this list could be never ending!) but maybe my favourite reason to blog. To be fun and creative. One of the most important reasons for doing it, and one of the only reasons that people will read your blog is that it's fun, informative and factually correct. If you're not passionate about your subject, why should anyone listen to you?

That's it from me for now. If you want to speak to us about creating a blog to help your business, or to help with some website design, please do contact us at Lampshade Marketing, Gloucester, on 07735 031 707.