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Googles latest update - Freshness

Basically Google is only trying to do one simple thing (apart from making bungles of money!), to serve you the best search engine results it can.

It wants to deliver relevant information based on your search. One of the key ways that it’s always done this is by how up-to-date your website is. The latest release from Google formalises that with the ‘Freshness’ Update. It’ll impact around 35% of you and your websites, so you need to make up to date content as part of your website content strategy, if you want to continue to rank well in Google.

Make your content timely and relevant. For example, if I’m searching for ‘Shops in Gloucester’, I don’t want a list of Gloucester shops that is from 2007, many of which may have closed. What’s I want is a list of shops, with websites, in Gloucester or Gloucestershire.  It should now hopefully give me that. Searchers are looking for the latest, freshest content about a topic rather than older web pages.

Make your website have current fresh content and you’ll do OK.