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New year, New website

Ok, so the days are getting longer, the kids are starting a new term, that new website design that you've been promising yourself should be high on the 'to do list'. So you've chosen your website design company (It's OK if you didn't choose Lampshade Marketing!) but have they covered all the angles that they should on a new website design?

If they haven't, ask yourself if they are right or not.  Here is a couple of things to think about.

Website design Content Management System

So, they've recommended a new website Content Management System (CMS) and it's probably different from your existing one (If they aren't even doing it on a content management system, back out now!!). What having a new system means is that the URLs will be different on your old website from your new, and Google, your customers, and you, will get quite confused!  The solution to this is to use permanent 301 redirects. Make sure your website company does this.
Also you should contact all the websites that link to pages on your old website and ask them to point to your new website. This will have a better direct effect on your Google rankings.

New website, new content

So, you've got your lovely new brochure and you think that you can use the same copy?  Wrong. Unfortunately brochure copy doesn’t translate well online. You either need to get some help from a professional or follow some simple steps.

  1. Write like a newspaper. Get all the main information you want to put across in the 1st paragraph, and then expand later on. People scan read online, so getting the important information out there as soon as possible is... important.
  2. Key words. What words will people use to get to your new website? What will they type in Google? Think about this, then use them in your website copy.

Website Architecture

Think about what's important to your company and to your customers. If you sell Cardigans, Jumpers, Jeans and Trousers, but you also sell buttons, zips and thread, but they are less important, don't have them listed on the main navigation. List them under Accessories, or something. This will help your customers, and Google determine what's important.

You can let Google know which of your pages are most important on your new website by how you link to them. Be sure that the pages you are going to try to get to the top of Google are linked from your main navigation so that they will receive the best possible internal link popularity. This way your new website will bring your higher quality customers rather than those that are hidden in the depths of your site.