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Top Tips for your Facebook Page

So, as a small business I guess you’ve got yourself a small business Facebook page? Yes?

No? Get yourself one now. If you want to promote your small business in Gloucester what better way that a free website page promoting what you do. And a link to your website. Can’t be bad can it?

Now that you’ve got one, there are lots of ways to make your Facebook pages look stunning. There are lots of ready-to-use applications available online. Do a quick Google search and you will find. You can also design your own marketing promotion strategies such as devising campaigns and organising contests for your fans.

So, you’ve created a Facebook page for your small business in Gloucestershire? Now you need to do some marketing and you need to grow your fan base. Before getting started, however, you need to identify what your marketing goals are. What do you want the fan page to accomplish for your small business? Getting loads and loads of fans may be great for your ego, but you have to decide whether you're happy with exposure alone, or whether you want fans to become customers. I think I’d go for the latter please. Do you want your Facebook page to help you sell more products and services?

So, start to define what you want to promote from your Facebook website page, and the goals you want to achieve.

For example, your small business could want to:

  • Build awareness: Reach a large audience with a widely targeted ad campaign on Facebook
  • Drive sales: Offer special deals and freebees to bring people into your shop or to your website
  • Grow you fan base: Encourage people to like your Page by offering valuable benefits for communicating with you

Don’t forget to think about the profiles (timelines) of the people you want to reach if you are going to use Facebook adverts, and select criteria based on what your audience is interested in, instead of what they might be looking to buy.

You can target you Facebook adverts by:

  • Location, Language, Education, and Work
  • Age, Gender, Birthday, and Relationship Status
  • Likes & Interests: Select Likes & Interests such as "websites", "google", or "searching" instead of "internet" or "www"
  • Friends of Connections
  • Connections

We’d also recommend that you add a Facebook "Like" box to your website. You can do so by going to Edit Page, Resources, Use Social Plugins and selecting Like Box. Fill in the fields and then click the Get Code button. After you copy the code and paste it into your small business website, and then visitors will be able to "Like" your Facebook page directly. Facebook's 'Social Plugins' section under 'Resources' has a number of useful tools for websites, too.

If you are already on Twitter, give some compelling reasons why your Twitter base should join your Facebook community. If Twitter is the new cool Gloucestershire meet up place, think of your fan page as an invite to come in and chat.

For example, you could use Twitter to tweet something like, “Wanting to find out more about us than 140 characters will allow? Join us on Facebook at”

Want to know more. Pop in for a chat, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , follow us on Twitter at or old fashioned call us 07735 031707