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Last week we did some Good For Nothing

Around 40 people came together for a day and a half of doing for three Birmingham based social enterprises and charities. We were some of those people, helping out for nothing. We didn't get paid, just did it out of the goodness of our heart.

It’s the second time Lampshade Marketing have teamed up with Good For Nothing (GFN) for an event. And this time around we were even more effective.

We worked flat out to build new websites, create videos, e-newsletters, business plans, complete funding applications, write and design fundraising packs and much more.

We also learned a lot about getting stacks done in a short time – making the most of our combined voluntary charity work time.

We mainly worked with Continental Star FC, a Birmingham based charity that helps people through sport.

What we as a team achieved was truly amazing. Inside 2 days we either kicked off, or in many cases completed the following:

  • Designed from scratch a new website
  • Registered with Just Giving and Spend & Raise
  • Twitter backgrounds, Social Media guidelines, Twitter best practice, “Spread the word” documentation
  • Email template, user guide and registration with email delivery system
  • Designed and Printed, Letter and DM Pack for lead generation for sponsorship, Copy written, letterhead, flyer and leaflet
  • Video footage shot for website and pitch presentation and created presentation for pitches
  • Set up meeting with Breakfast networking club
  • Database of local companies created for prospecting
  • Application for funding for 8k
  • ....oh, and started to organise a world record attempt for longest ever football match!

How would I describe the day in 3 words? WOW wow WOW.

There is no super hero to describe the work that went on. That being said, what we achieved in two days goes nowhere near what the team at Continental Star FC do every single day. Makes you think.  What did you do today?