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Link building hints and tips

Links to your website are still the most important thing that Google, Bing and other search engines look at to decide where your website will rank against other websites. Since Google's Penguin update, spammy links don't work anymore and the quality of the links to your website is more important than ever.

You should always have a plan of how you are going to increase the links to your website.  These few tips will give you a good base for this but this isn't everything.

Tip 1: check your website. You are in control of this.

What is going to make people want to link to your website? Do you know where your customers hang out on the internet - these are the sites you should get links from 1st. Does your website give your customers the content that will interest your current and potential customers?

Tip 2: set some KPIs

Getting shed loads of links isn't your KPI. Getting relevant inbound links to your website is.  They have to be relevant. If they aren't, Google wont much appriciate them, so your hard work wont be worth it. In fact it might be detrimental.

Think about KPIs such as:

Get at least 20 links from related websites that will deliver targeted visitors to my website.
Getting at least 100 links from related websites that contain keywords that are related to my business to improve my search engine rankings.

Your KPIs should be SMART. And trackable.

Tip 3: make sure that your website is worth a link from someone else.

Would you link to a website from your website if it wasn't relevant?  Go to the bother of logging in, writing some text and creating a hyperlink?  So why should anyone else?

The best link building campaign won't work if your website isn't worth a link. Other people will not link to your website for no reason.

Therefore you need to spend time creating content worth linking to.

Improve your existing content and make it more attractive. Put in some top tips or Top 5's
Use all of the content that your company produces offline and put it on your website. Not just in PDF form, but as a nice new page

Websites will only link to you if your content is useful and interesting.

Tip 4: Test test and test again

Check that people want your content. Check again. Use google prediction to see if people ask those questions about your product or service. Do other people really care about this content? If the content is just about you, chances are that not many people will care.

Tip 5: hard work. It doesn't just happen. If you want links, you'll have to put in some graft.

Find websites that will want to link to you. Then contact these people. Ask for links. If you get a 10% take up, you'll be doing well. So ask 100 website owners and you might just get 10 links. Told you it was hard graft!