How much is this PPC then?

PPC. You want it. You got it.  Well, in a bit.

You see, the great thing about PPC is that you can turn it on and off. You decide the budget, you set the budget and then it's spent, your PPC adverts don't show any more. You don't pay any more. You see, the great thing about PPC is that you don't actually pay unless someone clicks on your advert.

They click on your PPC advert, they visit your website.  Because we've done the magic on your website, when they get there, we make them convert. They convert to business. That converts to profit.  None of this rubbish TV adverts. TV is dead.  Long live the interweb.

So, we'll chat, set some PPC budgets, find the best terms that gets you business, refine the PPC budget, refine the PPC budget, Bob is your mothers uncle and Jim jam joo.

PPC management. It's what we do. What's stopping you. Lets get involved. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 07735 031 707.