SEO - what's included?

Our Search Engine Optimisation we'll offer you super dooper value for money. Standard.

To make it our Search engine optimisation service based in Gloucester even better value, we offer two levels of service; search engine optimisation only, or a fully managed optimisation service with maintenance.

Search engine optimisation only

This fella will includes search keyword research, competitor and site review, benchmark ranking report, help writing your meta (Google speak!) content and pages for your website. We'll also let you see our special lists of websites who want to link to you. And we'll find some more specific websites to your industry.

Fully managed Search engine optimisation

If you believe that coming tip top of the Google rankings is your number one lead generation, then this your your man. Fully managed, continually updated, tweeked and optimised.

The fully managed search engine optimisation service includes all the goodness and features of the standard, but with the advantage of us spying on you and your competitors to make your search engine rank even better.  Each month we'll send you a spiffing report giving you the best clues as to what's going on in your marketing campaign.

We'll also be on hand, day and night (mainly in the day if we're honest) for help and advice.

What's stopping you? Stop thinking and start emailing. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 07735 031 707.